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Chairman's Message


I.A. Siddiqui, Chairman and Managing Director

It has been my long cherished dream to establish a forward-thinking organization which benefits from the wealth of experience at the root of our traditional knowledge. This, I consider, as a way of planning our future, paving the way to a culture, where products are developed with sense of appreciation to Mother nature and traditional practices, promote knowledge-sharing and innovation, whilst always remaining open to new thinking and possibilities. It is also a way to pay tribute to our country, India and its traditional ayurvedic practitioners who have been great visionaries in the field of “Natural Health Management”.

The IndoVedic team’s drive and commitment for “Healthy Living from Ancient Wisdom” is reinforced by novel initiatives and innovative practices. We at IndoVedic strongly believe that, this is possible, only when we respect each other’s shared values, goals and experiences.


Indovedic Nutrients a unit of the KCIC Group.

  • 1993 :  KCIC Pvt. Ltd. was established in India with the primary focus on “Aviation and Tourism”.
  • 1999 : Mr. I. A. Siddiqui, the Chairman & Managing Director of KCIC group of companies, was always keen on natural products, initiated cultivation of various medicinal plants in farms.
  • 2009 : The “Herbal division of KCIC” was established to manufacture and promote standardized herbal extracts.
  • 2011 : Herbal Division of KCIC Group gets ISO9001 - 2008 certified.
  • 2011 : The Herbal Division of KCIC Group was registered as “IndoVedic Nutrients Pvt. Ltd” to reflect its core activities.
  • 2012 : Mr.Irfan Pasha joined indovedic Nutrients as director to focus on natural health ingredients business.
  • 2012 : Indovedic Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. gets ISO 22000:2005 for its manufacturing facility at peenya.
  • 2012 : Indovedic Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. gains Halal status.
  • 2015 : Indovedic nutrients pvt ltd gets kosher certificate for its manufacturing facility at peenya.


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